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This zine is not only incredibly pretty, superbly designed and well put together, but it also manages to wriggle into your brain like the most powerful of slime moulds. 

Just with a few words here and there and with the glimpses of the illustrated forest-scene all throughout the zine, Vapordruid evokes a universe into your imagination and invites you to fill its nooks and crannies.

The poem at the beginning is the hook to keep reading, the name of the moves are perfectly chosen, the the ghost-filled magnolia tree used for the example oozes charm, the little embroidered tokens just melt your heart, and little phrases like "All rhythms are valid" that let you know the love that went into making this.

I want to live inside this zine! ❤


I could feel my heart melting with 🥰emotions😳 while reading your comment. Thank you so much for such kind and heartfelt words. I'm treasuring every bit of them not only because you're one of the most wholesome and beautiful people I know, but also because your work as an artist (of the word, not only in your games!) reaches to my soul and speaks to me on every possible level.

This game definitely was made with a lot of love, nurtured by the people that were there with me during the process of pondering, writing and making it... And a great part of that love comes back to you :)

Thank you for your encouraging words, brainstorming help and sharing your enthusiasm about fungi and art and words and cute interesting things with me. This game wouldn't be the same (would it even be?) without you ❤️

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Featured on Sesión Cero Bundle and its review on the podcast (ES)!

Pequeña review por Sesión Cero Podcast, en español:


What an awesome concept and execution! 
This plays with form in such a creative way, I have to play it!


Oh, thank you so much! ^^

If you do play it and want to share your feedback, it'll be appreciated! And if you prefer to wait for the (hopefully more aesthetically pleasing) final version, I should have it in a month or less as I want it done before the Scissors and Glue Jam ends.

Have a nice day!